(Role of RFID in future of production line)

Smart Manufacturing using RFID in IoT

The next generation of industry — Industry 4.0 — has the promise of enhanced flexibility in manufacturing, along with the benefits of better quality, mass customization, and improved productivity. It enables the companies to cope up with the challenges of producing increasingly individualized products with a short lead-time to sell and improve the quality. Intelligent manufacturing plays a vital role in Industry 4.0. The typical resources are converted into intelligent objects so that they are able to sense, act, and behave within a smart environment.


Leading the industry to build ECO system in technology

Imagine that a factory is not only automated but all the machines are interconnected digitally in a single system. Such a kind of “smart factory” enables the employer to monitor all of the physical processes on a real time basis and make effective decentralized decisions. In the essence, the next industrial revolution is the Internet of Things that is applied to the manufacturing sector. The physical systems interact, communicate and cooperate with each other as well as with the human workers remotely through the wireless web. According to Prnewswire.com, the Cyber-Physical…

(Strategic initiative Industry 4.0)

Automation has improved productivity exponentially, over the decades.

Disruption of production, reduced outputs and cost control measures enabling the need of Integrated Factory for real time data making it a purposeful day to make proactive decisions to reduce disruptions.

In 1938 Henry Ford famously said,

Why is it every time I ask for a pair of hands, they come with a brain


Unlike previous generations in automation the new era of automation is not transition but transformation where technology encroaches the decision- making at higher levels to replace humans.

Hence, preparing the factory for future…

“Don’t see others doing better than you beat your own records everyday, because success is a fight between you and yourself”- Chandra Shekhar Azad

Patriotism in modern India

74th Independence day is great significance for the people of India.

Before Covid 19 ,We are now one of the fastest economically developing country with GDP growth rate between 6.0% to 7.0% ranking at 15/225.

Post Corona and developments brought lot of changes within us and hence perspective of freedom and patriotism has changed too in my opinion.

In this modern globalized world, it is hard to draw lines and stick to theoretical patriotism. …

Present Scenario

Preventive maintenance is a routine maintenance process on a piece of equipment to lessen the likelihood of a sudden breakdown

Preventive maintenance is to maximize the useful life of any particular asset.

The main challenge with preventive maintenance is balancing the cost with returns. Experienced maintenance managers must make smart decisions on machines which requires preventive maintenance work and its frequency ..

Sustained challenges

Production stoppages cost money. The longer the stoppage , greater the revenue loss and operating cost.

Studies show that unplanned downtime costs manufacturers an estimated $50 billion annually, and that asset failure is the…

Technology-led paradigm shift in Manufacturing Industry

Technology and consumer demands have evolved at a faster pace in the recent years. Also the pace of technological advancement is driving faster technology adoption.

Every manufacturing company is under pressure to improve productivity with reduced cost of operations to improve the profitability of their operations.Industry 4.0 is a move with technology revolution for Process improvement in every area of an Organization.

Driving productivity / profitability via investment in technology.

Manufacturers should invest in top technologies in their plant as it is all about revolutionizing manufacturing-related processes and systems to achieve dramatic improvements in…

Digital Transformation Initiatives for SME’s

The major challenge that today’s world is facing is digitization. SMEs are favorable for the heterogeneous group. In the digitization, there are two types of runners one who are developing new technologies and other who have already adapted to advance technologies. If we look forth for internal capacity and resource then, SMEs do act as a homogeneous option for micro enterprises and medium sized companies. So, it can be assumed that business challenges differ on industry level and every SME requires different support when it comes to being digitally active.

Small and medium sized enterprises…

Mother’s are the Divine of the Universe .

The night sky between the stars is perfectly black.

The waters of the ocean depths are the same. The infinite is always mysteriously dark.

Mother represents the true power of the love , safety , transformation of life to reality. Motherhood reflects the glory of god.

Mother is ever where, if we only have eyes to see them. Motherhood is woven in to the very fabric of creation of every part of life.

In a loving mother, we see god and hence we can call as Devine mother, as god cannot be everywhere.

Hence he made mother. All that I am today ,I Owe to my angel mother.

“Technology is transforming towards isolation and get connected “

AR and VR are changing the landscape behind manufacturing and Production processes

There are some of the most prominent uses for augmented and virtual reality in the manufacturing sector. Let’s discover how these can add value to the business?

Preventing accidents and disruptions

VR can help to predict, and also potentially evade any hazards and disruption risks that may be associated with the usage of the assembly line.

Real-time employee instruction

The technology of AR and VR are being widely used for the purpose of employee instruction as well as education…

Let me begin by wishing everyone a happy, healthy and fruitful financial new year.

World talks about a deeper recession than 2009 , job cuts , cash flow , repaying loans and other relevant issues, are day in day out news to us. I think we can take these things as cautions but not to dip our confidence and to approach optimistically to begin after lock down.

How ever Changing perception and turning a slow market to our advantage will require a lot of hard work.

While the pressure is on us for successful navigation and change in dynamics as…

Ravi shankar

I judge on my capacity to withstand the worst situation and capability to see through the situation But not on the Sweat It Takes From Zero to here.

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